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Perfecting the blend, next 5 questions/issues

Defining Flipped as Blended

UWMLTC Faculty Development Evaluations:

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Teaching Certification for Blended:

Lazirko Award

Peer eval handbook can be found at: A condensed version of the peer evaluation guide can be found at:

Course evaluation checklist:

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Learning module checklist:

Assessment plan checklist:

ALN 2011, Online Programming Guide:

Tanya Joosten's Blog:

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POD list of resources (on WikiPODia)

Van Note Chism, N., Holley, M., & Harris, C. (2012, July). Annotated Bibliography on Impact of Educational Development Interventions. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

From ELI Learning Circle, Rubrics/Metrics
“Chico model” :
Quality Matters :
Guskey’s five levels of prof development>>

Also check out the next iteration of the (CSU-Cal State University) Chico Model which is being adopted by the whole 23-campus CSU system. This model is called “QOLT” Quality Online Learning & Teaching:

Additional resources on ensuring quality in online and blended, including evaluating, please see:

UCF Pedagogical Practice

ELI Faculty Engagement and Development Resource List

UWM Hybrid/Blended faculty development site

Kaleta, R., Skibba, K. A., & Joosten, T. (2007). Discovering, designing, and delivering hybrid courses. In A. Picciano & C. Dziuban (Eds.), Blended learning: Research perspectives. Needham, MA: The Sloan Consortium. Available at: