Learning Module Planning Activity


Construct measurable learning outcomes

Utilize backward design to develop learning modules directed toward the course learning outcomes; specifically, develop learning activities that produce documentation or evidence that these results were achieved through appropriate assessment


Please answer the following questions, which will guide you through the backward design process.

Questions for Developing an Activity Using Backward Design

1. What learning outcome would you like your students to accomplish by completing this learning module?

2. How will you know that your students achieved this learning outcome? Specifically, what evidence or documentation will they present in an online discussion (asynchronous) to show that they met your learning outcome?

3. What activity would produce this evidence? Specifically, what discussion prompt could you provide in order for them to produce a written demonstration of their learning in the online discussions? What will constitute the analytical component of the students' postings?

4. What digital content (reading, lecture, or video) would your students need to review before participating in the discussion forum? How would their knowledge of this content be assessed in their post? In a quiz?

5. How would you assess the activity in regard to timeliness, quantity, quality, writing proficiency? Are there additional criteria you would use to assess the quality of the students’ work?

6. Will the students respond to one another? How frequently? What counts as a good response?

7. What resources would your students need to consult in order to develop an effective posting for the discussion forum? How would you tell students about the activity? What instructions would you provide them? What timeline do you foresee for this assignment?

8. What will your role be in the online discussion, and how will you communicate this to your students?